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Argus South America Motor Fuels Conference 2019

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BME participate in the largest conference of fuels in Brazil.

Network and get crucial insight at the only motor fuels conference in South America.

Join gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and ethanol markets professionals in São Paulo this April. Now in its third year, the Argus South America Motor Fuels Conference will address the most important issues that impact your business and offer timely tools for navigating Brazil's new political landscape.

Reasons to attend:

Network and learn from key local, regional and global players across the sector Examine the rise of the US as a refined products exporter and the impact on trading flows Get updates on RenovaBio and the implications for biodiesel and ethanol Understand Petrobras’ 5-year plan and downstream investment opportunities in Brazil Discuss refining capacity in South America: how can it meet its potential? Hear from leading motor fuels importers in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru Explore the impact of global issues such as trade disputes, IMO 2020 and vehicle electrification


• Décio Fabricio Oddone da Costa, Director-General, ANP • Jarrett L. McCleskey, Americas Supply, Sales & Trading Manager, ExxonMobil Fuels • Robert Campbell, Head of Oil Products Research, Energy Aspects • Danielle Machado e Silva Conde, Superintendent of Biofuels, ANP • Daniel Furlan Amaral, Economics Manager, ABIOVE • Raissa Cury Pires da Silva, Americas Research Specialist – Market Intelligence, ED&F Man • Sergio Araujo, President, Abicom • Carlos Kopittke, President, ABTL • Bernardo Pinheiro, Head of Brazil; General Manager, Ultratank

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